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To find out more about our school, please feel free to contact our Principal Jayson Williams or phone our school office to arrange a personalised school tour. 



phone: 03 9729 2862
email: bayswater.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au



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Transition Program


Our Kids club (Prep transition program) will commence formally in Term 3, 2017. For one hour every second week, we will hold a program that provides and ideal opportunity for our prep students for 2018 to learn more about our school and prepare for their first day of school in 2018.


Prep Transition Program 2017

Term 2

Tuesday 2nd May

Open Morning 9am 10am

Thursday 18th May

Open Morning 9am 10am


Education Week

Wednesday 24th May



 Open Evening 6.30pm 7.30pm

Thursday 25th May

Open Morning 9am 10am

For tours of the school please ring Mr Jayson Williams our Principal on 9729 2862


Term 3

Transition Program Begins
(All sessions begin at 2.30pm and end at 3.20pm)

Story and Activity Session

Mathematics Session




23rd August 2.30pm-3.20pm

Welcome to Bayswater South Primary School! Children are invited to join the Prep teachers for a story and activity in the Prep Classrooms.


Wednesday 6th

September 2.30pm-3.20pm

Children will enjoy mathematical games and activities with the Prep teachers in the Prep classrooms.


Term 4

For children enrolled at BSPS

Readiness for Foundation 2018 at BSPS

German session

Performing Arts

Half-Day Transition

State Wide Transition Day



Wednesday 25th

October 6.30pm-7.30pm

Parents are invited to an information session, which will provide information about the Prep school year and how to prepare your child for school.

Wednesday 1st

November 2.30pm-3.20pm

Children are invited to come and meet our German teachers to experience the German language.

Wednesday 8th

November 2.30pm-3.20pm

Children are invited to meet our music teacher Herr Roe to participate in movement and singing activities.

Wednesday 22nd

November 9.15am-12.00pm

Come and join us for a half-day of school. Children will be doing literacy and numeracy activities in both English and German.

Tuesday 12th

December 9.15am-12.30pm
BBQ 12.30pm

Children will join us for a whole day of transition. This is a great chance for children to learn some school routines before commencing school in 2018. Parents will be notified of the 2018 Prep classes on this day. Children and parents are invited to stay for a BBQ lunch after the session.